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PSAL Hall of Fame Basketball Inductee

Billy Cunningham
Erasmus Hall

Interesting Facts

4 year varsity player.
Made All-city team 1960-61.
Was named Brooklyn player of the year 1960-61.
Won PSAL championship 1961.
5 time NBA & All-Star.
ABA MVP 1973.
Won NBA title as a coach 1983.
Named to the NBA's 50 greatest players list!

Quotes about playing in the PSAL from Mr. Cunningham
(Taken from 1999 PSAL Basketball Championships pamphlet)

Question: What are your fondest memories of playing PSAL basketball?

"I still remember when I was a kid- 1958 - they would allow each playoff team to practice at Madison Square Garden a few days before the game. I couldn't sleep the night before. The excitement of the train ride and then walking through the player's took my breath away."

Question: What was it like to play in Madison Square Garden as a high school student?

"There was nothing like it. I was 13 or 14 the first time I played a game there, and I set a record for the most rebounds in a PSAL playoff game. My family was in the stands. It was just wonderful. Playing in Madison Square Garden- think about it: you leave your high school gym with maybe 800 seats in it, and go to an arena that seats 17,000, and there isn't a seat available and the place is going crazy. It was hard to keep my emotions in control, my heart was pumping out of my chest."

Question: How has playing in the PSAL benefitted your game and your life?

"At that time, New York City basketball - some in Indiana would disagree - I can't imagine anything being close to New York City basketball. The level of play was very intense, very physical. And it effected me a great deal- it prepared me to become a pro basketball player. I've now been involved with pro ball for 30 years, so it must have prepared me well."

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