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PSAL Hall of Fame Basketball Inductee

Bob Cousy
Andrew Jackson

Interesting Facts

Did not make varsity first three tries, made JV as junior.
Made varsity as senior, & led PSAL in scoring.
Was a 13 time NBA All-star
Member of Professional Basketball Hall of Fame.
Named to the NBA's 50 greatest players list!

Quotes about playing in the PSAL from Mr. Cousy
(Taken from 1999 PSAL Basketball Championships pamphlet)

Question: What are your fondest memories of playing PSAL basketball?

"I remember I went to the last day of the season tied for the PSAL scoring title with a guy named Vic Hansen from Long Island City. The poor guy had the misfortune of playing in the afternoon. I played at night, so we knew how many he had scored, so I just took more shots, and ended up beating him by two. As we say, I let a few more fly that day."

Question: What was it like to play in Madison Square Garden as a high school student?

"It was simply something you have to experience to understand. There are no words Getting the opportunity to play in Madison Square Garden...that was the epitomeof basketball. Unless you live it, you can't realize the emotions that go through a person's mind."

Question: What is it about New York City that produces so many fine playmakers?

"I had the good misfortune when I was a kid of falling out of a tree. I broke my right arm. But that didn't stop you from playing in those days, so i became ambidextorous and learned to dribble with my left hand. I often think, if I didn't fall out of that tree, what would have happened?"

For more info on Bob Cousy Click on this link to the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame Website.