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PSAL Hall of Fame Basketball Inductee

Nate "Tiny" Archibald
DeWitt Clinton

Interesting Facts

4 Year Varsity Player.
Named to All City Team twice (1965 & 1966).
Won PSAL championship twice (1962-63 & 1965-66).
Was the only player to ever lead the NBA in scoring and assists the same year (1972-73).
Was a five-time NBA all-star.
Member of Professional Basketball Hall of Fame.
Named to the NBA's 50 greatest players list!

Quotes about playing in the PSAL from Mr. Cousy
(Taken from 1999 PSAL Basketball Championships pamphlet)

Question: What are your fondest memories of playing PSAL basketball?

"I remember the cheerleaders. Back then, DeWitt Clinton was one of the biggest athletic programs in the city. The fanfare, the people. Walking around the class talking about we gonna do this, we did that. The basketball team supported the football team, the football team supported the basketball team. They had good programs back then. They have better programs now. It was a fun time."

Question: What is it about New York City that produces so many fine playmakers?

"I think the environment has alot to do with it...You want to make it. For alot of guys coming out of the borough of Brooklyn, if you know anything about Brooklyn, that's a tough place to live. You have to have the desire to go out and compete. We were about taking it to the basket and creating. Seing if you could blcok this- you have got to have the moves to get it off. You begin to learn the game, its a difficult game, but you begin to say I can go to the basket on almost anyone."

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