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Team History Page


School Was formerly known as Boys HS

School Opened: 1891

Championship Game Appearances - 17

City Championships Won - 11 (1906-A, 1917-A, 1952-A, 1957-A, 1959-A, 1960-A, 1962-A, 1964-A, 1968-A, 1969-A, 1979-A)

Notable Players in School History

Jules Bender
Billy Burwell
Larry Cheatham
Vinnie Cohen
Dale Davis
Mel Davis
Amadou Fall
Rickey Free
Sihugo Green
Vaughn Harper
Connie Hawkins
Mac Hodesblatt
Jackie Jackson
Nolan Johnson
Marv Kessler
Nat Krinsky
Sam Penceal
Lawrence Pollard
Solly Walker
Bobby Washington
Dwayne "Pearl" Washington
Eldridge Webb
Lenny Wilkins

Coaches in School History
1908-1910 - Joe Courtney
1910-1919- Irving Gemson
1919-1920- ???
1920-1923 L. Bernstein
1923-1926 ???
1926 - 28- Edward Lehrer
1928-1935- ?????
1935-1962 - Mickey Fisher
1962-1969 - Howie Jones
1969-1979 - Frank Mickens
1979-1993 - Paul Brown
1993-2017 - Ruth Lovelace

Did You Know?

Boys High legend Mickey Fisher coached the Israeli Olympic team in the 1960 Rome Olympics.

From 1956 to 1964 Boys High made the Final 4 every year.

Connie Hawkins & Lenny Wilkens are members of the Professional Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hawkins, Wilkins, Nat Krinsky and Sihugo Green are all members of the PSAL Hall of Fame.

Dwayne "Pearl" Washington, who would later star at Syracuse scored 55 points in a PSAL game.

Ruth Lovelace is only the 2nd female coach in PSAL History to reach a boys basketball championship game

Marv Kessler became a PSAL and college coach and who became a well-known five-star basketball counselor

Mac Hodesblatt became a legendary PSAL coach at Jefferson and a highly repected college referee.

Nat Krinsky played for the 1917 championship team and when Boys High won their next title in 1952 he was one of the officials doing the game.

Tommy Davis played for Boys High and was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1956, he would play in the majors for 18 seasons.

Actor Louis Gossett Jr. played for Boys High

Boys & Girls Today:

PSAL Division: Brooklyn AA

2007-08 League Record: 13-1

Last Playoff Appearance: 2007-08 (Finals)

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