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Team History Page


School Opened: 1966

Championship Game Appearances - 2

City Championships Won - 2 (1972-A, 1976-A)

Notable Players in School History

Tommie Allen
Tommie Eddie
Frank Essis
World B. Free
Ted Gustus
Geoff Huston
Tyrone Ladson
Nathaniel Lester
George Murphy
Mike Puccio
Curtis Redding
Nate Reeves
John Salley
O'neill Tarrant
Larry Washington

Coaches in School History

Paul Abraham (1966-1969)
Mark Reiner (1969-1976)
Jerry Perlmutter (1976-1989)
Tommie Allen (1989-2008)
Eric Hall (2013- Present)

Did You Know?

The PSAL championship teams of 1972 and 1976 both had undefeated seasons!

Mark Reiner the coach of the two champioship teams was a star PSAL player at Lincoln and also became a successful college coach after leaving Canarsie.

3 players from the 1st 2 decades of Canarsie basketball went to the NBA: Lloyd Free, Geoff Huston & John Salley.

Current coach Tommie Allen played HS ball at Canarsie and is also a well-known DJ on the airwaves in NYC.

Assistant coach Ted Gustus played his HS ball at Canarsie and was a highly successful CHSAA coach at both Nazareth and Bishop Loughlin.

Former player Fred Dupree has been a D-1 College assistant at Stony Brook, Albany, Rider and currently works under legendary coach Bobby Cremins at the College of Charleston.

Canarsie Today:

PSAL Division: Brooklyn AA

2007-08 League Record: 6-8

Last Playoff Appearance: 2007-08 (1st Round)

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