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Team History Page


School Opened: 1929

Championship Game Appearances - 19

City Championships Won - 11 (A - 1949, 1986, 1991, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006 AA- 2007, 2008, 2009)

Notable Players in School History

James Brasco
Eric King
Eugene Lawrence
Darrell Mims
Dwayne Morton
Stephon Marbury
Dave Newmark
Mark Reiner
Damari Riddick
Tchka Shipp
Sebastian Telfair
Jamal Thomas
Brandon Walters
Sid Youngleman

Coaches in School History

1929-1937 Hy Kroff
1937-1943 Jack Klaskin
1943-1944 Abe Plaut
1944-1945 Hy Kroff
1945-1949 Abe "Venty" Leib
1949-1950 ???
1951-1954 Ed Krinsky
1954-1956 Bernard Kirsner
1956-1957 Bill McCaffrey*
1957-1978 ???
1977-1980 Mark Reiner
1980-1995 Bobby Hartstein
1995-2014 Dwayne "Tiny" Morton
2014-2015 Kenny Pretlow
2015-2017 Dwayne "Tiny" Morton

Did You Know?

Lincoln lost 3 city championships in a row 1946-1948, before breaking thru and defeating Stuyvesant in 1949!

5 different Marbury brothers played for Lincoln including pro player Stephon Marbury

Sebastian Telfair was the first small guard to go straight from HS to the pros.

3 Lincoln players: Justin Greene (2008), Sebastian Telfair (2004) & Stephon Marbury (1995) have won the award given to the top senior in the PSAL. (Which is currently called the Wingate Award)

Actor Louis Gossett Jr. played basketball for Lincoln.

Rival head coach Jack Ringel of Grady was an assistant coach at Lincoln from 1977-1981!

Abraham Lincoln Today:

PSAL Division: Brooklyn AA

2007-08 League Record: 13-1

Last Playoff Appearance: 2007-08 (Finals)

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