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School Opened: 1925

Championship Game Appearances - 3

City Championships Won - 2 (1939-A, 1943-A)

Notable Players in School History

Larry Baxter
Fran Fraschilla
Bill Galentai
Harold Gerkler
Leon Gerkler
Ron Haigler
Ed Krinsky
Rudy LaRusso
Freddie Lewis
Lou Lipman
Howie Rader
Lenny Rader
Ivy Summer
Stanley Waxman
James "Fly Williams

Coaches in School History

1924-1926 - Jack Klaskin
1926-1969 - Harry "Jammy" Moskowitz
1969-1983 - ?????
1983-2001 - Jeff Meltzer
2001-2005 - Peter LaMarca
2005-2006 - Anthony Pecora
2006-2015 - Matthew Nanes
2015-2017- Karl Jean-Francois

Did You Know?

Coach Jammy Moskowitz is a legend of NY Basketball: 541 wins / 2 championships at Madison; pro player; college and hs ref / member of PSAL Hall of Fame / Member of NY Basketball Hall of Fame

The entire starting five of the 1938-39 championship team was enshrined into the NYS Basketball Hall of Fame.

Fran Fraschilla currently on ESPN, coached multiple division I college teams including St. John's

James Madison Today:

PSAL Division: Brooklyn A East

2007-08 League Record: 8-10

Last Playoff Appearance: 1998-99 (1st Round)

James Madison Links:

PSAL Website Team Page

Link to Joel Aronson's Tribute Page for Rudy LaRusso- an all-time Madison great

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