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Team History Page


School Opened: 1985

Championship Game Appearances - 0

City Championships Won - 0

Notable Players in School History

Teambay Cumbertson
Nikita Davis
Elijah Jefferson
Joe Liberato
Steve Sutton
Savior Wright

Coaches in School History

1987-1990 - Raul Arroyo
1990-1991 - Troy Lindsey
1991-2016 - Chris Weil
2016-2017- Glen McCartney

Did You Know?

The building Telecommunications HS is in was an All-Girls school called Bay Ridge HS until it closed in June of 1985

Joe Liberato is the 4th leading scorer and 2nd leading rebounder in Baruch College history.

Coach Chris Weil has been with the basketball program since 1987 when he became the JV coach.

Telecommunications Today:

PSAL Division: Brooklyn A East

2007-08 League Record: 14-4

Last Playoff Appearance: 2007-08 (Quarterfinals)

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