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Team History Page


School Opened: 1903 (became a HS in 1994)

Championship Game Appearances - 1

City Championships Won - 1 (1998-B)

Notable Players in School History

Roscoe Biggers
William Harrison
Dominique Jones
Curtis Loving

Coaches in School History

1995-1999 - Steve Romagnoli
1999-2001 - Bennett Packman
2001-2004 - Carlton Screen Jr.
2004-2008 - Michael Crump

Did You Know?

Wadleigh opened in 1903- it was originally the 1st public school for girls. The school was almost marked for destruction, but instead was designated a landmark. The building was restored and made into a HS in 1994.

Wadleigh won the 'B' championship in its 2nd year of PSAL play 1997-98.

Former coach Carlton Screen Jr. was a star at Providence College and has been an assistant coach in the college ranks at both Florida Atlantic and L.I.U.

Wadleigh Today:

PSAL Division: Manhattan AA

2007-08 League Record: 12-2

Last Playoff Appearance: 2007-08 (Quarterfinals)

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