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Team History Page


School Opened: 1956

Championship Game Appearances - 3

City Championships Won - 2 (1970-A, 1992-B)

Notable Players in School History

Roger Brown
Haskell Garrett
Leroy Greenidge
Frank Hayward
Ron Louder
Wayne Morgan
Troy Pierson
Morris Rivers
Marvin Roberts
Sam Samuel
Mike Truell

Coaches in School History

1956-1965 - Howie Rosenstein
1965-1970 - Jack Kaminer
1970-1971 - Mike Truell
1971-1983 - Mel Goldstein
1983-1986 - Saul Lerner
1986-2017 - Steve Cavalli

Did You Know?

Roger Brown scored 37 points in the 1960 semifinals against the Connie Hawkins led Boys High team!

Roger Brown became a superstar for the Indiana Pacers leading them to 3 ABA championships!

Former coach Mel Goldstein has been the PSAL Boys Basketball Commissioner since 1999.

Current Coach Steve Cavalli has the longest tenure of any coach in school history: 22 years

Former Coach Jack Kaminer coached in college at CCNY!

Wingate Today:

PSAL Division: Brooklyn B West

2007-08 League Record: 10-8

Last Playoff Appearance: 2007-08 (1st Round)

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