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Where did the coaches play?...
(PSAL coaches who played HS ball in NYC)

Many of the Men and Women who coach the Boys Varsity Teams in the PSAL are former NYC HS ball players themselves. Below is a list of those coaches who hooped it up in NYC High Schools:

Please e-mail me at if you know of any other coaches who playd their HS ball in NYC, and I will gladly add them to the list.

Kevin Alesi (Tottenville 2011') Boys Varsity Coach Tottenville (2019-)
Victor Alvarez (Beach Channel 2003') Beach Channel Boys Varsity Assistant Coach
Dwayne Archbold (Curtis 1992') Curtis HS Boys Varsity Coach (2015- ) / Former Boys JV Coach Curtis (2008-2015)
David Aronson (Tottenville 1986' / Port Richmond) Beacon HS Girls Coach/ Former Boys Coach at Environmental Studies, Brandeis & Park West / College Coach (York College Women)
Kavon Baker (Midwood 2008') Wingate HS Boys Varsity Coach (2021- ) (Former Varsity Coach John Dewey & JV Coach Midwood & South Shore
Robert Bownes (Haaren 1961') Urban Peace Boys Varsity Coach
Ben Chophaphand (Forest Hills 1998') Forest Hills HS Boys Varsity Coach 2004-2010 & 2019- Present
Joe Coscia (New Dorp 1980') Susan Wagner HS Boys Varsity Coach (1989- )
Wayne Crawford (Richmond Hill 1992')Newtown HS Coach /Former Art & Design Boys Varsity Coach
Tiambay Cuthbertson (Pacific 2007') August Martin Boys Varsity Coach
Josh Dupuy (Bishop Ford 2007')Adams St. Academy Boys Varsity Assistant Coach (2015 - )
Michael George (Tilden 2004') Tilden Boys Varsity Coach (2021- )
Stephen Gigliello (Nazareth 1981') Brooklyn Tech Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
Evan Goldberg (Bronx Science 1996') MLK Boys Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach
Phil Grant (Robeson 1997')Summit Academy Boys Varsity Coach
Tyrone Grant (Grady 1995') Wings Academy Boys Varsity Assistant Coach (2013-)
Greg "Boo" Harvey (Andrew Jackson 1985') Campus Magnet Boys Varsity Assistant Coach
Charles Jackson (Lasalle 1965') Manhattan Center Boys Varsity Coach
Seldon Jefferson (Bishop Loughlin 1993') Thomas Jefferson Boys JV Coach
George Johnson (New Utrecht 1974') Julia Richman HS Boys Varsity Coach
Phyllip Jones (Randolph 1996') Prospect Heights Boys Varsity Coach (2003-)
Everett Kelley (Westinghouse 1990') Westinghouse Boys Varsity Coach
Danny Lanigan (Moore Catholic 2002') Susan Wagner Boys JV Coach (2018- ) / Petrides High School Boys Varsity Coach (2012-2018) Ruth Lovelace (Boys & Girls HS 1987') Boys & Girls Boys Varsity Coach
Dwayne Morton (Lincoln 1988')Lincoln HS Boys Varsity Coach
Ron Naclerio (Cardozo 1975') Cardozo HS Boys Varsity Coach
Robert Phelps (Nazareth 1990') Bedford Academy Boys Varsity Coach
Lawrence Pollard (Boys & Girls 1990') Thomas Jefferson Boys Varsity Coach
Mike Salamanca (Cardozo 1999') HS of Construction Boys Varsity Assistant Coach
Karl Sanders (Grady 1998') Grady Boys Varsity Coach (2009- Present)
Cory Semper (Bayside 1991') Bayside HS Boys Varsity Coach
Claude Sharpe (Eastern District 1993') Grand St. Campus Boys Varsity Coach
Brian Shea (St. Edmund's Prep 2008')Adams St. Academy Boys Varsity Coach (2015- )
Woody Souffrant (Grady 2001') Thomas Jefferson Girls JV Coach
Roy Steinbach (Sheepshead Bay 1968') Sheepshead Bay / Frank J. Mac Boys Varsity Coach (1978- Present)
Brett Tawil (Beach Channel 1987') Scholars Academy Boys Varsity (2012- )
Herman Turner (Wingate 1966') Campus Magnet Boys JV Coach
Abdu-Allah Torrance (Graphic Arts 1992') Thurgood Marshall Boys Varsity Coach
John Woodman (Curtis 1992') Tottenville HS Boys Varsity Coach

Former Coaches:
Don Adams (Clinton 1946') Taft Boys Varsity Coach (1965-93)
Frank Adams (Clinton 1925') Bryant Boys Varsity Coach (1935-37) (College Coach Fordham 1944-50)
Warren Albert (Jamaica 1958') Newtown Boys Varsity Coach (1972-1995)
Tommie Allen (Canarsie 1982') Boys Varsity Coach: Canarsie (1989-2011) / Eagle Academy III (2011-2017)
Larry Anderson (Curtis 1960') Curtis Boys Varsity Coach 1960's
Ralph Bacote (Clinton 1953') Bronx Science Varsity Coach (1978-2009)
Floyd Bank (Clinton HS 1953') Boys Varsity Coach: L.I.C. 1961-1981 / Edison HS (1986-2001) / College Coach
Irwin Bell (Lafayette 1949') Franklin K. Lane Boys Varsity Coach (1958-1971)
Herb Bernstein (Midwood 1948') Midwood Boys Varsity Coach (took over in 1954)
Darryl Blank (Bronx Science 1988') Fashion HS Boys Varsity Coach (1990's-2000's)
Reginald Brizard (Erasmus 1993') Susan McKinney Boys Varsity Coach (??? -2014)
Paul Brown (Bryant 1964') Boys & Girls High Boys Varsity Coach (1979-1992)
Richard Buckheit (Curtis 1989') Curtis HS Boys Varsity Coach (2008-2015) / Former JV Coach Curtis & Monsignor Farrell
Ed Conlan (Flushing 1925') Forest Hills Boys Varsity Coach (1950's)
Charles Cole (Forest Hills 1956') Automotive Boys Varsity Coach (1978-1991)
John Demas (Bryant 1968') Bryant HS Boys Varsity Coach (1987-2014)
Stan Dinner (Richmond Hill 1964') Ben Franklin Varsity Coach (1975-1982)
Phil Drucker (Madison 1928') Franklin K Lane Coach (1939-1941) Fort Hamilton Coach (1940's & 1950's)
Anthony Dulin (Forest Hills 1998') Forest Hills HS Boys Varsity Assistant Coach 2004-2011
Ed "Tuck" Delaney (Bryant 1917') Jefferson Varsity Coach 1924-29 & John Adams Varsity Coach 1933-1951
Al Egenthal (Lafayette 1965') Boys Varsity Coach: Richmond Hill (1970's), Boys JV Coach: Lafayette (1969-1972)
Gil Fershtman (Erasmus 1952') Boys Varsity Coach: Lafayette (1961-1976)
Kenny Fiedler (Wingate 1962') Former Coach Springfield Gardens & Bushwick HS
Mickey Fisher (Boys High 1922') Boys Varsity Coach: Boys High (1935-1962) / Israeli Olympic Team Coach (1960)
Marty Force (Boys High 1929') Bryant Boys Varsity Coach (Years: 1930's, 40's)
Howard Furman (New Utrecht 1963')Former PSAL Coach: Bayside , Franklin K. Lane & Townsend Harris (17 Years) & 9 Years at SUNY- Old-Westbury
Ken Gershon (Lafayette 1960') Hillcrest Boys Varsity Coach (1971-2000)
Frank Gerwitz (Erasmus 1963') McKee / SI Tech Boys Varsity Coach (2002-2003)
Sy Ginsberg (Sheepshead Bay 1963') Tottenville HS Boys varsity Coach 1970's
Mel Goldstein (Lafayette 1965') Wingate HS Boys Varsity Coach 1971-1983 (Boys Basketball Commissioner 1999-2011)
Barry Goldsmith (Sheepshead Bay 1962') Midwood Boys Varsity Coach (1969-1972) South Shore Girls Varsity Coach (1988-1989)
Chuck Granby (Morris 1956') Campus Magnet / Andrew Jackson Boys Varsity Coach (1969-2014)
Lew Grummond (Manual Training 1925') Andrew Jackson & Brooklyn Tech Boys Varsity Coach 1930's-1960
Joe Harrigan (Clinton 1907') Manual Training HS Boys Varsity Coach (1920-1940)
Ted Gustus (Canarsie 1974') Canarsie HS Asst. Coach / Former Coach- Bishop Loughlin & Nazareth
Howie Harrison (Brandeis 1971') Stevenson Boys Varsity Coach (1990-2018)
Mo Hicks (Rice 1982') Rice HS Coach / Brandeis HS Coach (1990-1995)
Mac Hodesblatt (Boys High 1922') (Jefferson HS Coach 1939-42 & 1946-59)
T.J. Hynes (Staten Island Tech 1995')Mckee/ Staten Island Tech Boys Varsity Coach (2002-07)
Irwin Isser (Forest Hills 1961') Forest Hills Varsity Coach 1965-1998
Randy James (East New York Vocational 65') Francis Lewis Boys Varsity Coach 1980-2004
Hank Jacobsohn (Clinton 1926') Clinton Coach 1953-1965
Howie Jones (Boys High 1948') Boys High Coach 1962-1969
Jack Kaminer (Eastern District 1960') Wingate Varsity Coach (1965-1970) / Truman Varsity Coach (1974-1977) / College Coach - CCNY
Marv Kessler (Boys High 1950') Van Buren Coach 1961-1972
Lee Krinsky (Franklin K. Lane 1928') Westinghouse Boys Varsity Coach 1944-1945 Lincoln HS Basketball Coach 1949-1954)
Nat Krinsky (Boys High 1917') Bushwick Boys Varsity Coach 1928-1929
Hy Kroff (Bushwick 1914') Lincoln Boys Varsity Coach (1930-1937 & 1944-1945) / New Utrecht Boys Varsity Coach (Prior to 1930)
Steve Lappas (Bronx Science 1972') Truman HS Boys Varsity Coach 1979-1984 (College Basketball Coach- Manhattan / Villanova / UMASS)
Floyd Layne (Ben Franklin 1948') Prospect Heights & George Washington Boys Varsity Coach / College Coach)
Venty Leib (Franklin K. Lane 1930') Lincoln HS Boys Varsity Coach (1945-1949) / Chelsea Boys Varsity Coach (1940-1941) / Jefferson Boys Varsity Coach (1937-1938) / Brooklyn College Mens Coach (1944-1945)
Ira Levine (Lafayette 1969') Lafayette Boys Varsity Coach (1981-1999)
Bert Levinson (Curtis 1950') Curtis Boys Varsity Coach 1950's - 1960's
J.C. Mathis (JFK 2000') JFK Boys JV Coach (2016 - 2022)
Bernard McIlwain (Bishop Loughlin 1986') Grand St. Campus Boys Varsity Coach (1999-2003)
Troy McGhie (St. Peters 1985') Petrides High School Boys Varsity Coach 2002-2011 Jeff Meltzer (Forest Hills 1969') Madison Varsity Coach 1983-2001 William Mensah (Grady 1996') Grady Boys Varsity Coach 2008-2009
Frank Mickens (Erasmus 1964') Boys High Varsity Coach 1969-1979
George Moore (Gompers 1966') Jefferson HS Boys Varsity Coach 1987-2001
Mark Morse (L.I.C. 1989')Roosevelt Boys Varsity Coach (2002-2008) / Globe Institute College Coach
Jammy Moskowitz (Commerce 1923') Madison HS Boys Varsity Coach 1926-1969
George Newblatt (Bushwick 1926') McKee HS Boys Varsity Coach (1930's, 1940's ?)
John Nucatola (Newtown 1926') Newtown HS Boys Varsity 1932-1943 (also a NBA Ref and Hall of Famer)
Ike Pollack (Lafayette 1965') Girls Varsity Coach: Andrew Jackson (1982-1990)
Mark Reiner (Lincoln 1957') Canarsie HS Varsity Coach 1969-1976 & Brooklyn College Coach (1979-1992) / Asst. Kansas St. (1976-78)
Derron Rippey (Van Arsdale 1993') Boys Varsity Coach: Bedford Academy (2008-09) / Susan B. McKinney (2003-2007)
Bob Rossin (Columbus 1966') Lehman HS Varsity Coach 1972-1985 & 2001-2005
Red Sarachek (Stuyvesant 1930') Stuyvesant Boys Varsity Assistant Coach (Mid 1930's)(College Basketball Coach)
Wendell Saunders (Alexander Hamilton 1983') Benjamin Banneker Boys Varsity Coach (1999-2014)
Sam Schoenfeld (Commercial 1925') Thomas Jefferson Boys Varsity Coach (1930-1938, 1942-1946)
Jeffrey Schrier (Lafayette 1964') Boys Varsity Coach: Tilden (1981-1989. 1997-2001) Jefferson Boys JV Coach (1970-1976)
Shawnelle Scott (All Hallows 1994') Millennium Boys Varsity Coach
Hilty Shapiro (Far Rockaway 1942') Jamaica Boys Varsity Coach (1950's -1970's)
Vincent Starace (Bryant 1926') Bryant Boys Varsity Coach (Years: ?????)
Will Stasiuk (Richmond Hill 1987') Former Boys Varsity Coach- Clara Barton (2016- 2017) / Automotive HS Boys Varsity Coach (1997-2015) Assistant Coach (A-Tech HS (2017-18), Newtown HS (1995-1997), JV Coach & Varsity Asst. Richmond Hill (1991-1995)
David Tawil (Lafayette 1960') Former Boys JV Coach: Lafayette (1960's - 1970's)
Errol Thomas (Canarsie 1972') Teacher's Prep Varsity Coach 2006-2020
Mike Truell (Wingate 1966') Wingate Varsity Coach (1970-1971)
David Tobey (Clinton 1916') Clinton Boys Varsity Coach (1924-1926)
Pat Torney (Power Memorial 1974')Boys Varsity: Richmond Hill (1986-1995), Newtown (1995 - 2019) Boys JV Bishop Loughlin (1982-1986) Assistant Coach St. Anthony's (LI) 1979-1982
Howie Warhaftig (Forest Hills 1962) Beach Channel & Bayside Boys Varsity Coach 1980s-1990's
Dwayne "Pearl" Washington (Boys & Girls 82') Jefferson Girls Varsity Coach
Chris Weil (Tottenville 1979') Telecommunications HS Boys Varsity Coach (1990-2016) Boys JV Coach (1986-1990)
Danny Weismuller (Madison 1999') Sunset Park HS Boys Varsity Coach (2016- 2023 )
Herman Wolfe (Commerce 1920') Francis Lewis Boys Varsity Coach (1960-63) & Commerce B.V. Coach (1940-1960)
John Wyles (Taft 1958') Clinton HS Boys Varsity Coach (1968-1975))