PSAL Hall of Fame
Basketball Inductees

Above is a picture of the program from the 1999 induction ceremonies.

The PSAL was first formed in 1903 as an organization supported by monies from the private sector under a group of people called the PSAL Wingate Fund. Its first President and leader was General George W. Wingate, who would serve for over 25 years. Today, the PSAL is funded by the New York City Board of Education. However, today the PSAL Wingate Fund, a non-profit organization, continues its traditions of honoring former and present PSAL athletes.

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A major contribution of this group is the formation of a PSAL Hall-Of-Fame. The PSAL Hall of Fame has inductees from various sports. Listed below are inductees from the sport of boys basketball. In some cases you can click on the players name to get links to player bios!

Seward Park HS and Boston Celtic Great Satch Sanders is inducted into the PSAL Hall of Fame at the 1999 induction ceremonies.

PSAL Boys Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees

Nate "Tiny" Archibald - DeWitt Clinton (1965)

Arnold "Red" Auerbach - Eastern District (1936)

Al Bianchi - Long Island City (1950)

Howard S. Cann - Commerce (1913)

Bob Cousy - Andrew Jackson (1945)

Billy Cunningham - Erasmus Hall (1961)

Lou Eisenstein - Thomas Jefferson (1931)

William "Pop" Gates - Benjamin Franklin (1938)

Moe Goldman - Franklin K. Lane (1931)

Sihugo Green - Boys High (1952)

Ernie Grunfeld - Forest Hills (1974)

Connie Hawkins - Boys High (1960)

Nat Holman - Commerce (1915)

William "Red" Holzman - Franklin K. Lane (1938)

Ed "Ned" Irish - Erasmus Hall (1924)

Bernard King - Fort Hamilton (1974)

William "Dolly" King - Alexander Hamilton (1937)

Jammy Moskowitz (James Madison) - (19??)

John Nucatola - Newtown (1926)

John J. O'Brien - Commerce (1907)

Elmer Ripley - Curtis (1909)

John "Honey" Russell - Alexander Hamilton (1919)

Tom "Satch" Sanders - Seward Park (1957)

Dolph Schayes - DeWitt Clinton (1944)

Barney Sederan - DeWitt Clinton (1907)

David Tobey - DeWitt Clinton (1916)

Lenny Wilkens - Boys High (1956)