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PSAL 2022-2023 SEASON

2022-2023 PSAL Playoffs Page

2022-2023 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2021-2022 SEASON

2021-2022 PSAL Playoffs Page

2021-2022 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2019-2020 SEASON

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2019-2020 Borough Championships Page

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2018-2019 PSAL Playoffs Page

2018-2019 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2017-2018 SEASON

2017-2018 PSAL Playoffs Page

2017-2018 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2016-2017 SEASON

2016-2017 PSAL Playoffs Page

2016-2017 Borough Championships Page

2016-2017 Staten Island High School League
Championships Page

PSAL 2015-2016 SEASON

2015-2016 PSAL Playoffs Page

2015-2016 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2014-2015 SEASON

2014-2015 PSAL Playoffs Page

2014-2015 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2013-2014 SEASON

2013-2014 PSAL Playoffs Page

2013-2014 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2011-2012 SEASON

2011-2012 PSAL Playoffs Page

2011-2012 Borough Championships Page

2011-2012 Staten Island High School League
Championships Page

PSAL 2010-2011 SEASON

2010-2011 PSAL Playoffs Page

2010-2011 Borough Championships Page

2010-2011 Staten Island High School League
Championships Page

PSAL 2009-2010 SEASON

2009-2010 PSAL Playoffs Page

2009-2010 Borough Championships Page

2009-2010 Staten Island High School League
Championships Page

PSAL 2008-2009 SEASON

2008-2009 PSAL Playoffs Page

2008-2009 Borough Championships Page

2008-2009 Staten Island High School League
Championships Page

PSAL 2007-2008 SEASON

2007-2008 PSAL Playoffs Page

2007-2008 Borough Championships Page

2007-2008 Staten Island High School League
Championships Page

PSAL 2006-2007 SEASON

2006-2007 PSAL Playoffs Page

2006-2007 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2005-2006 SEASON

2005-2006 PSAL Playoffs Page

2005-2006 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2004-2005 SEASON

2004-2005 PSAL Playoffs Page

2004-2005 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2003-2004 SEASON

2003-2004 PSAL Playoffs Page

2003-2004 Borough Championships Page

PSAL 2002-2003 SEASON

PSALHOOPS second annual fans all-city team!

2002-2003 PSAL Playoffs Page


2002-2003 'A' League Standings

PSAL 2001-2002 SEASON

PSALHOOPS first annual fans all-city team!



PSAL A League Standings 2001-2002


PSAL All-stars of The 2010s

PSAL All-stars of The 2000's

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PSAL All-Stars 1908 to 1919


PSAL Standings and Playoff Results: 2000-01

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1999-2000

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1998-99

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1997-98

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1996-97

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1995-96

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1994-95

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1993-94

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1992-93

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1991-92

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1990-91

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1989-90

PSAL Standings :1988-89

PSAL Playoff Results:1988-89

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1987-88

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1986-87

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1985-86

PSAL Standings and Playoff Results:1984-85

PSAL Playoff Results:1983-84

PSAL Playoff Results:1982-83

PSAL Playoff Results:1981-82

PSAL Playoff Results:1980-81

PSAL Playoff Results:1979-80

PSAL Playoff Results:1978-79

PSAL Playoff Results:1977-78

PSAL Playoff Results:1976-77

PSAL Playoff Results:1975-76

PSAL Playoff Results:1974-75

PSAL Playoff Results:1973-74

PSAL Playoff Results:1972-73

PSAL Playoff Results:1971-72

PSAL Playoff Results:1970-71

PSAL Playoff Results:1969-70

PSAL Playoff Results:1968-69

PSAL Playoff Results:1967-68

PSAL Playoff Results:1965-66

PSAL Playoff Results:1964-65

PSAL Playoff Results:1963-64

PSAL Playoff Results:1962-63

PSAL Playoff Results:1961-62

PSAL Playoff Results:1960-61

PSAL Playoff Results:1959-60

PSAL Playoff Results:1958-59

PSAL Playoff Results:1957-58

PSAL Playoff Results:1956-57

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1955-56

PSAL Playoff Results:1954-55

PSAL Playoff Results:1953-54

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1952-53

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1951-52

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1949-50

PSAL Playoff Results:1948-49

PSAL Playoff Results:1947-48

PSAL Playoff Results:1946-47

PSAL Playoff Results:1945-46

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1944-45

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1943-44

PSAL Playoff Results:1942-43

PSAL Playoff Results:1941-42

PSAL Playoff Results:1940-41

PSAL Playoff Results:1939-40

PSAL Playoff Results:1938-39

PSAL Playoff Results:1937-38

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1936-37

PSAL Playoff Results:1934-35

PSAL Playoff Results:1933-34

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1932-33

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1931-32

PSAL Playoff Results:1930-31

PSAL Standings & Playoff Results:1929-30

PSAL Playoff Results:1928-29

PSAL Playoff Results:1927-28

PSAL Playoff Results:1926-27

PSAL Playoff Results:1925-26

PSAL Playoff Results:1924-25

PSAL Playoff Results:1923-24

PSAL Playoff Results:1922-23

PSAL Playoff Results:1921-22

PSAL Playoff Results:1920-21

PSAL Playoff Results:1919-20

PSAL Playoff Results:1918-19

PSAL Standings:1914-15

PSAL Playoff Results:1913-14

PSAL Standings: 1908-09

PSAL SEASON & Standings:1907-08

PSAL Playoff Results:1906-07

PSAL Playoff Results:1904-05


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